8 Hot Fantasies Gay Men Have About Straight Men

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Let's face it, gay guys have fantasies about straight men. The idea of having something that you can't is of course tempting. And maybe you have hooked up with a buddy or two. Straight guys get curious as well or just plain horny like everyone else. Let's check out the top 8 fantasies gay men have of straight men. With anything sexy, consent & communication are key to having a good time.

1. The Coach

Who doesn't love the idea of a hunky authority figure like a coach taking you in the locker room. The masculine macho leader of a team making you blow him. That's the ultimate.

2. The Doctor

Whether it's doctor-patient fantasies or just plain doctor role play, this one definitely tops the list of most common fantasies. If you’re into medical fetish, the doctor-patient dynamic can provide a sexy way to explore kink.

3. The Man in Uniform

There’s something incredibly powerful and attractive about straight men who wear uniforms. This could be anything from military uniform to police uniform, firemen or construction workers - it's all incredibly hot!

4. The Dom

If you're into BDSM, a straight guy becoming your new Sir or them becoming your new sub - all of it is hot. Exploring something new, exciting, a little dangerous in a sexy way - all feels so good. Consent is always key with this!

5. The Daddy

One of the biggest fantasies on gay porn is a step daddy, uncle, grandpa, or older brother having his way with you. The kinkiness of implied incest, or the dominance thing - all of it is extra hot hot hot!

6. The Submissive

This fantasy is all about exploring another side of masculinity. It’s about taking control and pushing boundaries, while still respecting consent and safety protocols. You can find this in many porn sites about a straight guy being abused, used, and tore up by some gay men. With performers they have consent down - so this is key! 

7. The Friend

Who hasn't had the fantasy of a friend drunkenly making out with you or you going down on them? Maybe this has happened a few times for you too! But the lust over a hot friend can be a tempting thing.

8. The Gym Guy

Finally, we have to address that hot guy who clearly is staring at you at the gym. Maybe we can jump in the shower together? Or get his number to hang out later. Either way, hooking up at the gym with a masculine straight man all horned up from working out is something that would be difficult to say no to!

The Bottom Line

These 8 fantasies are some of the most common among gay men, but each individual is different. So don’t be afraid to explore and find out what turns you on. After all, that's half the fun! Remember consent is key & communicate with your partner! 

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