8 Tips To Fuck Longer

We've all had that moment. You stick it in ready to ravage him and uh oh you're about to blow! It can happen to anyone. Maybe you have had a lot of stress. Maybe you haven't cum in a long time. We asked some of our friends in the adult entertainment industry for tips and here is what they told us helps to last longer and get on your way to fucking like a porn star! 

1. Diet

Eating a healthy balanced diet can help. Seriously! Put down the cheeseburger and fries - pick yourself up a salad. Diet is a key part of health overall and impacts your bedroom performance including not being able to get it up to lasting just a minute. Vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins make a big difference in your life - so get to eating (healthy).

2. Condoms

Condoms provide a barrier between you and your partner that can help with the sensations that make you explode. I know it sounds boring, and maybe your partner is begging to be bred. If you want to last longer - give condoms a try!

3. Masturbation

Seriously, try jerking it or use a friendly toy to help you learn to pace yourself. You can get toys that simulate the feeling of entering a hot guy which will give you a chance to learn that pacing. Learn when your body is telling you to slow down. 

4. Slow Down!

It is perfectly okay to go slow and steady. You don't need to be humping your partner like it is a race. Slow down. Go deep. Twist. Move around. It will feel great for you both and help you last longer. 

5. Exercise

Yes, exercise. This goes along with the diet part - having a healthy balance of hormones in your body is important. Sitting around all day does not help you last longer. Plus, exercise is proven to make you hornier so frankly if you do explode upon entry you'll be more likely to go for rounds 2, 3, 4, or more a lot sooner. 

6. Positions

Try different positions. If him riding you hits the right spot quickly - do that last. Try different positions to make it more fun for both of you too. This will help you last longer as you're switching things up too. 

7. Focus on Him!

About to blow? Pull out and focus on him with your mouth. Or maybe he's an eager bottom ready to serve and wants to make your ass a tasty treat. Switching things up like this can help prolong the fun and keep the pace changing. 

8. Focus on Something Else

This sounds bad but sometimes it is helpful to think of your absolutely vile 6th grade science teacher who was so gross in so many ways. Ahhh - not close to exploding now. Be careful if you do this that you don't lose your hard on completely! 

The Bottom Line

 There are options to last longer. If you continue to last just a brief while - check with your doctor as there are medical options that can help. Otherwise - enjoy! Eat healthy, exercise, and make him happy with your tongue. Lots of ways to last longer! 


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