9 Ways to Make Your Bottom Boy Beg for More (the Cute Way)

Let's face it, fellas. In the heat of the moment, sometimes communication gets a little...difficult. But that doesn't mean you can't keep your bottom craving that next encounter. Here are 9 non-verbal ways to show your bottom you care (and make them want more):

1. Eye Contact is Everything: There's a reason they call it "bedroom eyes." Gaze into those peepers during the build-up. It amps up the intimacy and lets your bottom know exactly where their pleasure is coming from – you!

2. The Power of a Kiss (or Ten): Don't underestimate the power of a well-placed smooch. Kisses on the neck, lips, shoulders – anywhere tells your bottom they're more than just a body. Bonus points for stealing a kiss mid-action – it'll leave them breathless (literally!).

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3. Whisper Sweet Nothings (or Not-So-Sweet Things, Depending on the Mood): A little dirty talk can go a long way. But sometimes, a husky whisper in their ear, praising their moans or thanking them for letting you in, can be even more arousing.

4. Master the Art of the Touch: Go beyond the bedroom basics. A gentle caress on the arm, a playful pinch on the butt, or tracing your fingers down their back all scream, "I want you."

5. Slow Down and Savor: Sometimes, a slow and steady pace is the key to a bottom's heart (or other regions). Take your time, explore every inch, and watch their anticipation build.

6. Pay Attention to Body Language: Not all bottoms are created equal. Read their body language. Are they digging their nails into your back for a faster pace? Or are they arching their back for a deeper thrust? Adjust your game accordingly.

7. Aftercare is Hot: Sex doesn't end when you come. Cuddle, kiss their forehead, or ask if they need a drink. A little aftercare shows you genuinely care about their pleasure, not just your own.

8. Don't Forget the Follow-Up: A thoughtful text the next day – a simple "thinking about you" or a funny meme referencing last night's fun – lets your bottom know they're on your mind.

9. Communication is Key (Even Silently): Remember, these are just bonus points. Open communication about likes, dislikes, and boundaries is still crucial. But sometimes, the most arousing things are the unspoken – a stolen glance, a lingering touch; all ways to say, "You make me want more."

So there you have it, fellas! With a little effort (and a lot of love) you can keep your bottom begging for round two, even when words escape you. Now go forth and conquer the bedroom (or wherever your sexy adventure takes you)!

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