Daddy Issues: How to Be a Good Boy

Everyone has dirty dreams. Very often gay couples who have a difference in age play ''Daddy and Son''. This is an erotic and sexy game that has become a cult in gay culture. Young guys are thinking how to become a Baby for their Sex-Daddy. We have prepared some secrets for you!

Men are visual creatures, and how you look and physique are one of the first things see and judge you on. If you want to be a cute Boy for Daddy, you have to look younger! You need to prepare your body. Your face should look healthy and happy. If you are tired after work, use Eye Balm, as you know, little boys don't work! Our eyes can show aging at anytime in our lives and it is important to take care of your eyes every single day. Also, pay special attention to the body. You have to look like a Baby. Your booty should be perfect. Bestselling Better Booty Bundle - will make your ass bright, delicious and glow up your hole.

Wear clothes of gentle and bright colors. You can buy a school uniform in a sex shop. Always ask your Daddy for permission.

A Daddy is a man who makes his Boy's well-being a top priority in a relationship. As the dominant partner, Daddy can set the rules, expect his Boy to be submissive and disciplined. The Boy follows the rules and submissively gives his body into ‘sexual slavery’.  If Daddy wants to play with you, you have to smell like a little Boy. Cookies & Cream flavored butter can be applied directly to your booty hole - or rubbed into anywhere on your skin. The subtle flavor of Cookies & Cream will be left behind. Daddy will want to lick your hole every day. He will want to eat you.

Remember! Daddy doesn't want to hurt you, he cares about you. He loves you. We recommend using Fisting Butter and your games will bring only pleasure. There’s no such thing as too much lube. It just makes everything more slippery, which isn’t a bad thing.

 How to make Daddy happy?

Daddy controls you, he can punish or reward you. You always have to look great. Use Cinnamon Body Butter and you will always be a Good Boy! You can play Daddy/Son only for sex, or in everyday life.

Several special blowjob techniques for You:

Tell Daddy that you want him to fuck your mouth is such a dirty request that it will fire up his desire and make his penis twitch.

  • Kitty

Ask him to spread his legs. Start stroking his with tongue, starting from the perineum between balls and anus. Have you seen a cat drinking water? Make similar movements with your tongue. Start from the bottom and don’t forget about a single cell of his masculine dignity. You’ll see, it will be unforgettable for him.

  • Daddy

Get on your knees. He can tie his hands behind your back and make it part of a love game. Let him move his hips back and forth, while his masculine dignity will make pushes in your mouth. Your task is to help him with your tongue.

Your tongue does the work of stimulating the sensitive parts of his cock, while your mouth gives him all the warmth and wetness that make blowjobs so special.

Attantion! During the blowjob, you have to try not forget about Daddys balls. Without breaking away from the penis of the hand, you can simultaneously lick balls and take each of them in your mouth, and suck them.

Also Kiss Daddy's Ass:

  • kiss Daddy’s perineum, the area between their genitals and hole.
  • try moving your tongue in a circular motion around your Daddy’s hole.

There are plenty of great sex positions for two people with penises to try, including positions that involve oral, anal, and foreplay. When trying out new positions, you should always keep an open line of communication to make sure that both You and your Daddy are comfortable.


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