How to utilize Grindr while traveling

Depending on where you live, Grindr in your home city can get pretty repetitive. However, when you’re traveling, you get a whole new selection of people to choose from. Whether you are on vacation or a business trip, you can use Grindr to make the most of any travel experience. From the rest stop to the airport, lots of fun experiences await. 

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Grindr for cruising

We are certainly not recommending anything illegal, but if you have a long layover and you are bored at the airport, you might want to open up the Grindr app. Since it is sorted by who is closest to you, you can easily see who is in the airport and currently online. If someone is online at the airport, odds are they have the same thing in mind as you. 

Airports have long been known as a popular cruising spot for all kinds of people. People have time to kill and energy to waste, so why not have some fun?

A couple of tips

  • Grab a drink with someone at a bar before heading anywhere more private. It is always better to meet someone before getting in a room alone with them and airports are no exception
  • Try and find a private bathroom. There are single stall bathrooms at many different airports, as well as bathrooms in less frequented corners that will provide more privacy. Public is fun, but you do not want to get caught. 
  • Be aware of the time. After all, you are at the airport. Do not miss your flight because you are having too much fun!

On the plane

Using Grindr on your flight will depend on whether or not you have wifi. If you are lucky enough to have wifi on your plane AND have someone else on your plane that is on Grindr, all bets are off. The Mile High Club was made for you and you have to take advantage of it. Sorry, we do not make the rules. 

On a road trip

If you are traveling by means of the road rather than the air, you can take a break from driving and try cruising at a rest stop. You can use both Sniffies and Grindr to find popular cruising spots on your route. Once you’ve gotten to your desired cruising spot, do a sweep around to make sure everything looks okay. Head in and use the foot taps or other signals to find your partner or partners. 

Road trips can be long and tiring, so meeting some new people along the way can provide a much needed break. 

At your destination

Grindr can be a really great way to meet other queer travelers and locals alike. We have had lots of success on Grindr in countries all around the world. You can use it for anything – to have the best one night stand of your life or find someone to show you all the coolest queer spots in the city. 

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A few tips to fully utilize the app on your trip:

  • Try and learn a couple words in the language of the country you are visiting. You will have much greater luck with locals if you attempt to speak their language. A simple “hola” or “ciao” goes a long way. 
  • Meet in public places first. As with the airport, you will want to meet them in public prior to bringing them home. This is especially true in countries that are not as LGBTQ friendly. Grindr killings have happened before, so be smart. 
  • Have current photos on your profile. No one likes a faceless profile, and you will meet a lot more people if you have your profile fully filled out.  

The Bottom Line…

Grindr can provide you with a world of experiences. If you keep yourself open to the possibility, you can be coming back from your trip walking side to side. Whether you want to have fun at the airport, once you arrive, or both, make sure you are prepped and ready to go. 

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