12 Best Compliments To Give a Bottom

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A bottom needs appreciation too! Bottoms often don’t get the same kind of recognition as tops, so expressing your admiration and appreciation of your partner’s bottom can make them feel special. Here are 12 compliments to give a bottom that will make them feel appreciated and sexy.

“I love how you look when you ride me.”

Letting the bottom know that their movements drive you wild is a great way to show them how much pleasure their body brings you.

“You have an amazing ass!”

A simple compliment about their physical form can make any bottom feel sexy and appreciated.

“I love it when you grind on me, it feels so amazing.”

When bottoms take control, it can really add spice to your sex life. Letting them know how much pleasure they give you lets them know that their efforts were noticed and appreciated.

“The way you move your hips always turns me on!”

This simple compliment shows appreciation for the effort they put into pleasuring both of you while making clear what they do that turns you on so much.

“I could fuck your ass all night long!”

Every now and then it's nice to let your bottom know just how hot they make you with their skills in bed (or wherever else!)

“It feels incredible when I'm inside of you."

This is a great way to let your partner know that all their hard work pays off; not only does it feel good for the top, but even better for the bottom!

"Your ass looks so hot in those jeans!"

Who doesn't like a little bit of flattery? Pointing out something specific like this will make any bottom feel like a million bucks!

"You're such a great kisser."

Kissing is an important part of sex, but sometimes it gets overlooked or forgotten about in favor of other activities like rimming or fucking; letting the bottom know how much their kisses mean to you helps keep things balanced and shows appreciation for all aspects of sex between two people.

"Your body feels amazing against mine."

This compliments both partners at once by acknowledging that each person's body makes up half of the intimate experience; there's no better feeling than knowing someone appreciates everything about being close with another person in such an intimate way!

"Every time I fuck your ass I want more!"

This is a great way to let someone know that they have some serious skills in bed! It also gives them confidence knowing that they are giving someone else pleasure beyond measure with every thrust or movement made during intercourse or anal playtime!

"You have such soft skin!"

A simple compliment about something physical lets the other person know that even small details aren't going unnoticed; everyone likes hearing nice things about themselves from time to time, especially when those nice things come from someone who really appreciates all aspects of who they are as individuals (and as lovers!).

"I love being inside of you"

This one speaks for itself; everyone loves knowing that their partner enjoys being close with them in such an intimate way; expressing this sentiment lets the other person know just how special they are and how deeply connected two people can become during sex or anal playtime!

The Bottom Line

Everyone needs compliments from time to time—especially bottoms who often don't get enough recognition for all their hard work during sexual encounters with tops! Whether it's pointing out how attractive someone looks or telling them just how amazing it feels when they move against one another during intercourse/anal playtime, these compliments can help build trust, intimacy, and appreciation between two people (which is exactly what we should be aiming for!). So next time you're feeling generous, don't forget to give some kind words towards your favorite bottom—they'll be sure to appreciate it more than ever before!

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