7 Exciting Positions To Try At Your Next Threeway

Wicked Fox 7 Best Positions To Try At Your Next Threeway

Threeways are not for everyone, but if you're a couple interested in spicing things up or if you're solo & just creating a new friend group - there are tons of great positions to try at your next threeway! Of course we always need to have consent of all partners involved, and communication about your needs. Whether you are the lone top, all vers, or the lone bottom - it's important everyone is having a great time. These positions might require some stretching before hand or set up so beware you're in for a fuck! :)

Spit Roast

Spit Roast is the go to. One of you is fucking the booty & the other is utilizing the mouth. It can be a lot of fun but if you're the one getting the blowjob it's important you are in a position that is comfortable for the guy bottoming. He's getting pushed up so can be a bit uncomfortable. This is always a great go to with any initial threeway.

Double Penetration

DP - as seen in a lot of porn. This one can look like the bottom riding someone while the other gets into doggy style position to add his dick to the booty. The challenge with this is of course making sure the bottom is not harmed. If you have never tried this before - work yourself up to it. Try some toys, or maybe with a single partner add a toy to the mix to work your way up to it.. 

Human Centipede

Okay the movie was bizarre, but essentially this is the set up - you all rim each other in a train or a larger circle depending on everyone's height & flexibility. This can be fun because as one is rimming you and driving you wild you're able to feast on the other's booty. Just don't run into any scary scientists in the woods.

Bang Train (Triple Penetration) 

This is where you have three dicks and three booties. So someone is in the middle doing most of the work of bouncing between fucking and getting fucked. This can be a ton of fun but for the person in the middle needs to be able to last as long as possible. For me, that's difficult when taking it hard in the booty from a total hottie plus getting to fuck a total hottie.

Two On Top

In this one the top gets to lay down while one of you rides his dick and the other rides his face. This can be a lot of fun because the two doing the riding get to make out if they'd like. 

Bottom Stacking

This one can be fun but does require some strength. One of the bottoms lays on the bed ass out. The other is stacked neatly on top. And the top gets to work which ever booty he wants or going back and forth. Now when doing this it is so important to douche, feel great, and do your part for hygeine! 

Hungry Bottom

We couldn't figure out a name for it but there's nothing like being on your knees with two dicks enjoying your oral skills. Back and forth to one or the other - nothing like it. This can be a great start or frankly finish to any threeway. 

The Bottom Line

Enjoy yourself! Pace yourself! Have fun! Life is too short to be a prude - get out there and have a threeway. Of course always communicate if doing one with a partner. It's important you both have a good time so there's no jealousy or other issues between the two of you. Now go out there and get stuffed! 


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