8 Things A Top Should Never Say To A Bottom

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Listen up, kings! The bedroom should be a playground of pleasure, not a minefield of awkward comments. Here are 8 things you should NEVER say to your bottom buddy, because trust us, it'll kill the mood faster than a power outage during foreplay.

1. "Is it in yet?"

This question is the kryptonite of bottoms everywhere. We can feel it, okay? There's no need for the added pressure. Focus on the act, not the logistics.

2. "You're tighter than [insert random object]."

Unless your bottom specifically requested this comparison (and even then, maybe tread lightly), it's not a compliment. It's impersonal and takes the focus off your partner's enjoyment.

3. "Wow, you're so much quieter than my last bottom..."

This is a major diss. Every bottom is different, and comparing them only creates insecurity. Appreciate your partner for who they are, not how they compare to someone else.

4. "Are you sure you can handle this?"

This reeks of condescension. If your bottom agreed to participate, they can handle it. Trust their boundaries and focus on building excitement.

5. "Don't worry, it'll only take a minute."

Speed isn't everything, honey. A good bottom deserves a good time. Relax, slow down, and focus on their pleasure.

6. "Anything goes tonight, right?"

Unless you've already established clear boundaries with your bottom, consent is ongoing. Always ask before trying anything new, and be respectful of their "no's."

7. "You look hot even when you're sweaty."

This might sound like a compliment, but it can come across as backhanded. Tell them they look hot period. Sweat is a natural part of getting down and dirty!

8. Grunting noises throughout.

Communication is key! Talk dirty if you want, but uncontrolled grunting can be distracting and impersonal. Focus on expressing your enjoyment with words and actions.

Remember, kings: A little thoughtfulness goes a long way. By avoiding these communication faux pas, you can ensure your bedroom adventures are as hot and steamy as you both deserve.

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