8 Things That Can Kill the Mood, FAST

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Hey there, gorgeous creatures! Let's face it, setting the mood for a steamy night in can be tricky. Even the most confident studs can encounter bedroom buzzkills. But fear not, because Wicked Fox is here to help you navigate the treacherous waters of passion-killing pitfalls. So, grab a luxurious robe and let's dive into the top mood murderers:

  1. The Awkward Dirty Talker: There's a fine line between sexy whispers and cringeworthy proclamations. Ditch the forced lines and cheesy pick-up attempts. Instead, focus on compliments that turn your partner on. Bonus Tip: Mention a specific physical feature you love, or whisper something that makes them feel desired.

  2. The Dragon Slayer (of Bad Breath): Nobody wants to get close when yesterday's dinner is clinging to your breath. Solution: Keep a travel-size breath spray in your nightstand for a quick refresh before things heat up.

  3. The Ashtray Afterglow: That lingering cigarette scent is a major turn-off. Fix It: Change your clothes, freshen up with some body scrub (like our invigorating His Bed Body Scrub!), and consider popping a mint before getting close.

  4. The Slobbery Smoocher: A kiss is supposed to be an intimate prelude, not a messy wrestling match. Ditch the sloppy tongue and focus on a soft, sensual connection. Bonus Tip: Lightly flavored lip balm keeps your lips soft and ready for action. 

  5. The Rude Interruption: Just as things are getting hot, the doorbell rings or your phone blows up. The key here is communication! Let whoever might interrupt know you're busy (without going into detail, of course). If something unavoidable does happen, just laugh it off and get back to what you were doing.

  6. The Nasty Bits: Let's be real, good hygiene is sexy. A quick shower and a spritz of cologne can make a world of difference. Try our Charcoal Body Wash to strip that stank off. 

  7. The Phone Phreak: Put that phone away! Social media and emails can wait. This time is for you and your partner.

  8. The Lack of Confidence: Feeling self-conscious can definitely kill the mood. Confidence Booster: If you got a date planned - go to the gym before. The release of dopamine makes you feel more confident and sexy.  Remember, confidence is the ultimate aphrodisiac!

    The Bottom Line

    By avoiding these bedroom buzzkills and incorporating a touch of Wicked Fox magic, you'll be well on your way to unforgettable nights of passion. Now go forth, unleash your inner fox, and have some wicked fun!

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