Dirty Talking 101: 20 Tips To Get A Rise In Those Pants

Attention all Foxies! Looking for a way to spice up your bedroom talk? We have the perfect remedy just for you. Get ready to take your love life to the extreme with these sassy tips on dirty talking 101! Whether it's sexting, role play or the age old question and answer system, there are plenty of ways to get into it right away. Keep reading for some surefire ways to bring the heat in your bedroom and make sure you two (or more) never miss a beat. So pull down those pants, turn off the lights, and start practicing those naughty phrases - it's time to get creative!

  1. Say What You Mean - Use descriptive language to describe what you want and how you feel.
  2. Be Bold - Be direct when expressing your desires and fantasies.
  3. Change Your Voice - Experiment with different tones of voice and emphasize key words for added effect.
  4. Make It Fun! - Utilize humor and lightheartedness to get him in the mood for some dirty talk.
  5. Compliment Away - Give him compliments on his body parts or bedroom skills as you talk to keep things interesting.
  6. Start Slow - Start with subtle phrases that are easy to add into everyday conversations like "I love it when you do ___" or "I can't wait until we do ___".
  7. Create Your Own Pet Names - Use pet names that only the two of you use, such as "honey", "dear", "daddy", "boy", "master", "slut" or "baby", during your conversations for a more intimate feeling.
  8. Set Boundaries- Make sure that both of you are comfortable talking about certain things before starting any type of conversation that could potentially be deemed too risqué or off limits by either one of you two partners
  9. Feedback Is Key! - Provide detailed feedback while he talks dirty back to you so there's no confusion on what pleases you most in the moment (or later!).
  10. Have Fun With It!- Remember that dirty talking should be something enjoyable, not daunting, so try making it fun and playful instead!
  11. Start With Sexting - If you’re like me, talking with the written word is your jam. You could say whatever the hell you want in a text but in person, talk about a panic attack! For those of us like that, use texting as a starting point towards your journey to having the filthiest bedroom talk out there.
  12. Ease Into It - Don’t go from 0 to 100 and don’t be afraid to take it slow when starting out.
  13. Role Play - Immerse yourself in fantasy worlds and create interesting role play ideas for added effect.
  14. Talk It Out- Make sure to have a conversation with your partner about what they do and don't like before getting started with dirty talk.
  15. Make Flashcards- Think of a few words and phrases beforehand so you can utilize them during your conversations for added efficiency and ease-of-use.
  16. Be Descriptive - Turn your ass into the narrator of your sexcapades so you can explain how things are going to go while in the moment.
  17. Ask Questions! - Ask your partner questions so they can gauge what it is you want out of the night, then return the sexual favors once they answer accordingly!
  18. Make Requests - Start treating the night like '90s radio and make requests if needed, or just choose some hits from their ‘Top 40' list of desires!
  19. Use Your Voice - Switch up your tone for an even sexier feel by using a sultry voice when talking dirty!
  20. Erotica Reading Works Wonders - Crack open a book that some horny housewife would have on their nightstand and learn a thing or two about how to have a dirty mouth!

The Bottom Line

There you have it, a comprehensive list of ideas to help you get started on your road to dirty talking success! Whether you’re into sexting, role-playing, or just spicing up the question and answer game - these ideas are sure to start some creative conversations. Don't be intimidated when it's time to get naughty in the bedroom – find what works for you and your partner and go with it! So don't be shy, let yourself go wild and allow your words to do all the work. Remember: sexiness is an attitude and we always advocate for healthy communication, so feel free to experiment with different styles until you find what really turns both of you on!

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