How To Get The Hottest Guy There Without A Gym Bod

All the men out there know how hard it is to get the hottest guy in a club. We all want to make an impression and catch someone's eye, but what can you do if you don't have a gym bod or washboard abs? Worry not! This article will provide tips on how to get the hottest guy without relying on physical appearance alone. And don't worry - we'll keep it sassy and slutty.

Focus On You!

First, focus on making yourself stand out with personality instead of looks. Spark up conversations that show off your intelligence and wit by talking about topics that interest you. Find ways to make him laugh and have fun. You are more than just your body, so give him something to think about mentally as well as physically.

Peacocking Is Sometimes The Way To Go

Second, make sure you know how to dress for the occasion. Wear something bold and unique that expresses your individuality. Peacocking is where you wear something bold that catches everyone's attention. Now you don't want to look like a clown - but what's the fun bold patterned shirt you got? Or if you wear hats - maybe something with a leopard print? Stand out in a good way with your clothing! Bold fashion choices will make you look more confident, too!

Confidence Is Key

Let's be honest - why is that hot guy so damn irresistible? He's confident! Confidence is how you hold yourself when standing there chatting with your friends. If you hang back by the wall all night - no one is going to come to you. Be yourself always but be the most confident version of you!

Make Him Laugh

We mentioned this before but need to mention it again - guys like guys who make them laugh. Yes hot sex is great, but if you are hoping to go on a cute date with him you better make him giggle. No one likes sad or awkward stories - they wanna giggle. You don't need to bring a joke book or anything like that - just by being yourself you can find that wit and charm to put a smile on his face.

No Resting Bitch Face

Even if you have the perfect physique in a room of gorgeous bodies, it won't do you any good if your body language and facial expressions don't match up. If you give a guy an eyebrow flash, plaster on a smile, but are sweating bullets and pointing yourself towards the exit, he can tell that you're not only uncomfortable - you're actually afraid of talking to him! Fake confidence isn't attractive. Instead, it's much sexier to be honest about your nerves - because nothing is more desirable than being genuine and true to yourself.

The Bottom Line

The key to getting the hottest guy in any room is to align your attitude and body language with who you truly are. If you can come off as confident, self-assured, and honest about how you're feeling inside, even without a perfect body shape, he won't be able to resist you! So open up your heart, be authentic, and show that real confidence – it’s sure to make an impression!

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