How To Pick Up That Beach Hottie

Here on the West Coast - it's always beach weather. And the beach means one thing - total hotties. Now if only you had the tips to make that hottie yours - even for 20 minutes.

Here in Portland we are lucky to have a queer nude beach nearby so you really only have your personality to lean into. And with these tips you'll have that confidence to say "hi" to that hottie.


Wear Something Comfortable

When I was younger, I was the fat kid. I wanted to wear a shirt in the pool because of how I felt about my body. Not everyone is comfortable in a thong. And any hottie at the beach can pick up on your discomfort. Wear whatever makes you comfortable. If you want to be in a tank top at the beach - do it. If you want to wear cozy pants for that stroll along the ocean - do it. Your comfort is important here so don't think you need to show off all the goods. Plus, it is sexy to not see everything on someone right away. I'm a bit old fashioned in leaving a little to the imagination. 

Look Approachable

So you haven't spent hours at the gym and it's been a few months since you have watched your diet. You have to look approachable if you want anyone to approach you. Confidence is sexy. Sit up straight. Speak with confidence. Own your space. Be proud of who you are in your own skin. I know it can be hot, or sand blowing in your face - but you can look confident. Be the guy who wakes his alarm up. 

Don't Forget - Always Wear Sunscreen

You do not want to be the red hot in the corner everyone stares at. Sunscreen is your best friend and knowing your limits outdoors is too. If you have sensitive skin, make sure you bring an umbrella to sit under. Watch how long you are frolicking in the ocean. You don't want his pity - you want his number. Wear plenty of sunscreen! 

Friends + Dog = Conversation 

A good wingman is key to this operation. Your friend can help you feel more confident and look out for you. Remember the sunscreen? Your friend can make sure you have that opportunity to talk to this beach hottie. Now a dog is one of the best wingmen on the planet. Dogs love to say hi and have no problem doing so. You can be playing games, letting the pooch run, or whatever you are doing at the beach with your best friend.

Use your friend and extra bonus if you have a dog. Who can say no to that cute face - and your dog is pretty great too.

Don't Be Gross

A guy in a tiny thong? You'll want to go bird watching. You'll wanna grab those cheeks and do a lot more. But no one wants someone who is gross. Don't comment on his body. Don't stare! If you play this well - you'll have plenty of opportunities to go exploring.

Bring a frisbee, that dog, BBQ, balls, beer, weed, or whatever else you need to help strike up that conversation. Keep the conversation on fun things - this isn't a job interview. You can also ask him to take a picture of you and your pup - an easy way to start up a conversation and while you have my phone put in those digits. That confidence earlier will come in handy here. 

Looking for Love? Avoid the Hook-up

Are you looking for love? Want to date someone a few times before taking the plunge? Focus on those elements. Avoid sending any nudes once you get his number. Keep it focused on positive, fun, and your whimsical charm. You got this! The beach hottie will be yours.

If you're wanting just a quickie- that's great too. Go for it. There's no one in the parking lot ;).


The Bottom Line

Here's the bottom line - be yourself. Be confident. Confidence is the most sexy thing on the planet. You can talk to anyone - "hey i love your shirt, where did you get it?" Bam - conversation. 

Avoid interview questions or the dullest thing on the planet - the weather. 

Now go get yourself that beach hottie. 

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