Skin Care How To: Face Routine That Works

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Skin care can be scary. The number one question we are asked is " do I use this?" Remember something important as we go through this face care routine - you are not handling dynamite. You are handling a wonderful product that is going to help you feel, smell, & look fantastic so don't be afraid of it. 
Our faces are so critical in the world. Even our phones unlock based on them.
We worry about the bags under our eyes, the growing wrinkles around your eyes, and the worst thing (joking) on the planet - acne! Remember - everything that is happening to your skin is natural. We all age. Dark spots and lines happen. Acne can happen even with the greatest face cream ever made. What we can do is negate some of the worst aspects of these problems. So let's chat below with a simple face care routine that works great. 

1. Face Cleansing

A lot of people don't wash their face. Washing your face with warm or cold (people debate what works so whatever works best for you) in the morning and before bed is so important. A great way to help strip off the dust, dirt, and oil that builds up overnight is a great Face Cleanser. Our Face Cleanser is organic and a natural way to help out in the morning. You apply just a little dab of it in your hand and rub all over your face. Rinse off. There you go - you have cleansed your face! 
Watch out for face cleansers that are found in most supermarkets or drug stores. Some can do great - but cheap ones will just dry your skin to where you break out with acne. Drying out your skin causes acne so be aware of what you are using. This is one of those cases where the cheap version is not the same as a quality version. 

2. Eye Balms

After you shower and dry off - you need to apply the goods. A great start is our Eye Balm. A quality eye balm is going to help reduce puffiness and give some moisture to the area around your eyes. Gently apply just a little bit around your eyes and let it soak in. 
Using an Eye Balm is something you want to keep up with daily. I know it adds a second or two to the morning routine but it is one of those if you don't use it daily you won't notice results thing. 

3. Morning Serum

You may have heard of serums. They are a new "it" thing with skin care. A lot of celebrities are peddling cheap Serums made with chemicals that can actually strip the moisture you need from your skin. Our Morning Serum or what I refer to as my little potion (watched Hocus Pocus too much growing up), what something I highly recommend to anyone in need of a glow up. 

Our Morning Serum contains Hyaluronic Acid which we've discussed the benefits of before. If you are suffering from dark spots or other aging spots - this is for you. Just apply this on all over your face. A little bit will do! 

4. Face Moisturizer

After you've applied everything - now it is time for the Face Moisturizer. Our organic hemp seed oil infused Face Moisturizer will help hydrate you skin all day long. Yes, apply this last if you are using a Serum, Eye Balm, or other products like after shave. 
Just use a little bit! I cannot stress this enough - because if you glob it all on with everything you'll just be dripping and waste products. I even use our Face Moisturizer on my neck after shaving because it can dry out and get red. I know I know - typical "red neck" but it really does help with that and any breaking out. 

5. Facial Tonic

A good tonic is what you need throughout the day. Mid-day our skin is already producing oil and you're collecting dust from sitting at that desk all day. Maybe you have a job where you run around and sweat a lot. Facial Tonic can help you glow up mid-day - just a couple sprays and go back at it. 

6. Bed Time

For the evening what should you do? I recommend going back to the Face Moisturizer and/or Eye Balm before bed - and that's it! 
You'll notice several things if you follow this routine. Your skin will glow up, and if you continue to use everything you'll be smoother because your body isn't overproducing oils or clogged pores like before. 

The Bottom Line

Skin care isn't scary. Don't be afraid of it. Don't think you are handling dynamite! Just dig in and enjoy! Plus use code WICKED20 for 20% off ;) 

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  • anonymous

    i just use a washcloth. LULZ

  • Matthew

    I always hate trying a new skin care routine. I’ll give it a go. I guess I always wonder should i use my face moisturizer and then shower? I feel so oily after using a face moisturizer.

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