11 Ways To Tell A Guy Just Isn't That Into You (And How to Move On Like a Wicked Fox!)

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Hey there, fabulous fellas! We've all been there: swiping right on a seemingly perfect guy, the initial spark is electric, but then... crickets. Maybe the texts dry up, dates get rescheduled at the last minute, or there's just a certain "meh" feeling that lingers. It can be confusing and frustrating to figure out if a guy is just not interested. But fear not, Wicked Fox fam is here to help! Here are 11 signs a guy might not be feeling the connection:

    1. The Texter Who Ghosts: We all get busy, but if his replies are slow, infrequent, or vanish entirely after a hot date, it's a red flag.

    2. Mr. One-Word Wonder: Does his conversation consist solely of emojis and one-word responses? Yawn. You deserve engaging conversation!

    3. The "Maybe Later" Master: Does he consistently reschedule dates at the last minute with flimsy excuses? This might mean he's prioritizing other plans (or people).

    4. The Social Media Enigma: You follow him on everything, but he hasn't followed you back? Or maybe he interacts with everyone else online but you? Not a good sign.

    5. The Body Language Blocker: Is his body language closed off during dates? Crossed arms, averted eyes, or a general lack of physical connection can speak volumes.

    6. Future Plans Excluder: Does he never mention you when talking about upcoming events or plans? You shouldn't feel like an afterthought.

    7. The Mystery Matchmaker: If he tries to set you up with his friends instead of pursuing you himself, it's probably not meant to be.

    8. The Intimacy Iceberg: Is there zero effort when it comes to physical connection? A guy who's truly into you will want to get closer!

    9. The Commitment-Phobe: Does he shy away from any talk about commitment or exclusivity? If you're looking for something serious, be upfront and see if he's on the same page.

    10. The Jealousy Vacuum: Does he not seem to care if you mention other guys? A little healthy jealousy can sometimes be a sign of interest, but complete indifference isn't.

    11. Your Gut Feeling Screams "No!" Trust your intuition! If something feels off, it probably is. Don't ignore that inner voice.

Remember, kings, you deserve someone who's excited to be with you! Don't waste your time on guys who aren't putting in the effort. Now go forth, embrace your inner Wicked Fox, and find a connection that sets your heart on fire!

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