9 Ways To Get Swiped Right

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Has your dating profile gotten no action? Are you swiping right, tapping on every stud, but nothing happening for you? It isn't because you're not a hunk - there could be other reasons you're snagged in finding that boyfriend, hook up, or future hubby.  

All your social media including your dating profile is an ad about you. Your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, BeReal, and anything else you're on is an online magazine about you. You have to think about your dating profile as the same. Would you buy you? Would you pick you up at the cash register and bring home to read? 

We came up with these 9 tips to help you get more action! There is usually not one trick that does it all but we'd recommend a mixture or whatever you are most comfortable with trying. 

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1. No Blank Profile

Okay for real. No one wants to talk to a blank profile. It isn't about looks here - it can be simply you are not confident in your own skin. Show your face! Don't just show a torso and expect the world either - people want to see your eyes! 

2. Smile! 

No one likes a grump or sadness. If I am scrolling through Tinder - I am looking for a cute guy to get coffee with. I don't want someone who looks like they need a therapy session. Smile! Show joy in your pictures and across your profile! 

3. Action Shots = More Action

Along with your smiling face - I want to see you doing something. Show off your interests. That could be you cooking, reading, rock climbing, at the beach, or even at the club dancing your heart out. A lot of guys go with the gym shot, but make it you showing off your life. Remember how social media is a magazine about you? Let's see those interests.

4. Group Shot = No Shot

If your initial picture is a big group of people - I don't know who I am talking to. Yes, you can include pictures of you and your friends especially if this is an interest area of yours (See #3). But, if your main picture is a group shot I literally don't know who I am talking to and honestly feels a bit catfishy.

5. Headlines Are Important

Every app has some sort of initial headline or tagline. You need to use it but remember - this has to be catchy. Just saying "hi" or your name - is a bit boring. See if you can think of a joke in the number of characters you have. See if there is something sassy you want to try. Of course play around with this and see what works best. You're a magazine remember - what are the headlines on the covers that catch your eye and make you take that baby home? 

6. Conversation Is Key

If your profile is just pissy or "message me if you want...no taps" - you are not going to get as much action. Give me something to message you about. If you're just on an app to get fisted - put that and make me want to reach deep inside you. If you're there for a date - give me something that I can talk with you about. If you're there for just making a new friend - give me something that we can do together. Inspire guys to talk to you and give them something to talk about. Everyone is a bit awkward on these things so make it easier!

7. Laughter Is Your Best Friend

Everyone likes to giggle. Everyone likes to smile. Think of a way to send a joke or make your profile have a cute joke. We're queer - camp is what we do. Don't make everything a big joke as you get to know your new hottie - but make sure you trickle it all together. 

8. Block Negativity

If you're a jerk, I'm not interested. I don't have time for negative folks who are there to complain about other guys or anything else. Be positive! People are attractive to positive things!

9. Don't Be a Dirtbag

Remember - no means no and respect boundaries. For some reason, there can be those who like to be a dirtbag or get offended when you turn down the dirtbags. Maybe I just had a rough day and you're sending me a hole pic and mad I'm not going over to eat it. Respect boundaries! 

The Bottom Line

Give these tips a try and let us know in the comments how it goes! Dating is hard, dating online can be even more awkward - but just remember to be that confident you and you'll snatch up that next hottie. 

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Stay Foxy! 

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  • Damien

    OMG – okay i’m literally a guy who does the group shot. WTF – what’s wrong with seeing my friends?

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