Dr. Ana Lingus: Important Tips For Enjoying Anal Sex

Dr. Ana Lingus is an unlicensed proctologist who resides solely in our heads. She has some helpful tips from time to time but as always - ask a real doctor if looking for medical advice. 


Anal sex can seem intimidating to many people, however, when done right it can be a source of pleasure. With the proper preparation and understanding of how to make it both safe and enjoyable, anal sex is something that should not be overlooked. Here are some important tips for enjoying anal sex without worrying about any potential risks or discomfort.

Get Familiar with the Landscape Down There

It's important to get comfortable with the view and feel of your bottom before engaging in anal sex. Start by exploring yourself with a mirror, and using gloved hands, locate the external sphincter muscle and anus. Become familiar with each part's various textures and shapes. With lubricant and gloved fingers, massage the perineum region lightly to help relax your body for anal play.

Lubricate, Don't Hesitate!

Lubing up is critical when it comes to anal sex. There are a large number of lubes on the market so go shopping and try out whichever ones you prefer. Some try to avoid ones with heat or flavors because it may irritate their holes. Others love the feeling so I leave it up to you on what's best. Just use plenty of lube! It's okay to stop in the middle and add more to the mixture.

Ease Into It, No Need to Rush

Your booty hole is tight - that's what makes it so appealing. Easing into things is okay. You may want to try a couple positions - for some riding is easier to relax into things. You don't need to rush things - let your hole adjust to your new friend. You can always ask the Top to slow down or stop - the Bottom is the one really in charge here.

Clean Beforehand - Like You Mean It

Douching is critical. Look - shit happens and it will likely happen at some point when you're bottoming. Yes, it can feel embarrassing. Yes, it can stink. Yes, it is gross to see poopies on your Tops dick. But you can work to ensure that doesn't happen by properly douching. Don't over douche - your body contains many wonderful bacteria that is critical to your health. Some guys live by a high fiber diet with plenty of exercise to ensure nothing is sticking around down there. Find what works best for you. But at the very least, make sure there's no toilet paper on your booty hole.

Don't Forget to Clean Up Afterwards!

Cleaning up is important. Don't be that sloppy bottom who sleeps in his own lubey mess. Wash your sheets! Take a shower - even with your partner can be fun. But just clean up. You're an adult - do your laundry.

The Bottom Line

Anal sex can be an enjoyable and fulfilling sexual experience when done with respect, communication, and understanding. It is important to be willing to talk openly and honestly about your partner's desires, expectations, and limits. Ensure that you take the time to properly prepare before engaging in anal sex. When everyone involved practices safety and follows these tips, anal sex can be a pleasurable part of a healthy intimate relationship.

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