First Date Jitters? Required Dating Tips for Bottoms, Vers, & Tops

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Oh gawd - you have a first date. Maybe you met him on Grindr, maybe you met him through a friend, or even a run in at the bar.  It's happening - you and him are going out and getting to know each other.

First - you got this! You're gorgeous. You're amazing. You're not Linda Evangelista but you're close! Your stunning personality is going to shine. But even experienced daters might get the jitters beforehand. Also, if you're new to gay dating maybe you need to know some of the basic rules - what if you're the Top and he's Versatile - who pays for dinner? Does he pay only half? We got you covered!

Hooking Up On The First Date

You can hook up on the first date. That's up to you and him. If one of you is uncomfortable, this is a total no go. Otherwise - have fun! Don't forget those Unwritten Rules for Hooking Up. 


Be respectful here. If he is bottoming, he might not be fully prepared so we caution enter at your own risk. But also, be gentle, sweet, and go with the flow. This can be a nerve racking experience especially if you two like each other. Ease on in, make it passionate, and go with what he needs. If he wants it rougher - give it to him all you got.

Now for the respect talk, Tops. Is it cool to bang someone else before you head over to your date? Look we aren't going to tell you what to do or not do - just be respectful of your bottom. Bottoming has a lot of hours prepping and important it is worthwhile sexually and emotionally for everyone.


If you're a regular Bottom, you know the grueling hours of work to prepare. Should you douche before a first date? That is if you have the time, energy, and frankly desire to hook up on a first date. You can do whatever you want here - but if you don't want to douche in advance - don't do it.

We usually tell someone to douche no matter what, but we've noticed a trend on Twitter where Bottoms are talking about spending two hours prepping their holes to have a Top last 5 minutes. There is a cost-benefit analysis here so do whatever makes you comfortable!

You can try our range of Booty Care products to keep yourself soft, smooth, and avoid the dreaded booty zits in case you do get naked together. 


Yes you get the best of both worlds - but just keep in mind you have to prepare for both sides of the coin. Keep your cum to yourself on that day of the date while also potentially douching.

Try our Cinnamon Roll Sweet Hole to taste & smell good just in case you have some hole fun. 


Remember this point - a date is not a job interview. I know it is easy to stick the basic questions - where are you from, what do you do for work, etc. That sounds very job interview time.

People love to talk about themselves so start the conversation with something light and build the momentum from there. Some silence can be okay too - don't go on and on and on because you're nervous.

You can always stalk someone in advance to see what their interests are - just don't be too obvious when you're asking them about that what they did on Halloween that you saw them in a sexy jockstrap costume. 

There's many ideas out there for conversation starters. Don't rehearse, be yourself, and show off that amazing personality! 

If the conversation turns to sex, lean in and enjoy if you want. A date is a chance to explore each other's personality. Worst case - you might have made a new friend! 

Okay but gay dating - do we split the checks?

Go into the date expecting to pay for your own drinks. Do not expect him to pay unless he has already offered in asking you out. For example, if he asks you out to a baseball game and you need tickets to go - it would be okay to ask if he already has tickets - hence not needing to pay for them. If you both go to dinner - expect a split check and be happy if he offers to pay. If he offers to pay for dinner, then you got the next one.

Do not go to a date unable to pay! This question has been asked many, many times. So just be able to pay your own way and be happy if he snatches the check. 

What do I wear?!

Everyone always asks this before a date - wear whatever makes you comfortable. If you're going to a date right after work - maybe bring a shirt you can change into so you don't have any stink. At Wicked Fox, we're obsessed with Henleys (don't judge), so a good henley can look cute with jeans. Keep it simple!

Any other way I should prepare?

If you have a week in advance before this date, try a good skin care routine on your face. You can glow up a bit more, reduce any puffiness, and most importantly lower the chance of breaking out by using high quality Face Care products. 

After the date

When the date is done and you both go home, it can be cute to text "thanks had fun" or offer to see them again. If rejection happens, it's okay! If it's a yes, giddy up cowboy! We recommend while it can be part of modern dating to ghost someone, don't do it. That can be very hurtful. 

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line is simple - have fun! You're two consenting adults getting to know each other. Some nerves are okay. Just be yourself!

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    Also that bottoms need to douche! Don’t ever forget that!

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First Date Jitters? Required Dating Tips for Bottoms, Vers, & Tops