Booty Aftershave

Booty Aftershave

Keep Your Cheeks Their Most Spankable 👋🍑
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Say hello to Booty Aftershave, the ultimate post-shave treat brought to you by the fabulous folks at Wicked Fox! 🌟💖

We get it – shaving can be a pain in the booty! But fear not, because Booty Aftershave is here to save the day and keep your precious skin looking flawless and spankable. No more pesky breakouts, zits, or red spots ruining your smoothness! 🍑✨

So, what's the secret behind this magical potion? We've harnessed the power of Blue Flax Seed Oil, Cucumber Extract, Lavender Water, and Provitamin B5, all coming together to create a bootylicious concoction that will leave your skin feeling fresh, calm, and oh-so-touchable. 🌿💦

Imagine this: after your shaving routine, simply apply a dollop of Booty Aftershave and let the magic happen. Our unique blend of ingredients works wonders to soothe your skin, reduce inflammation, and prevent any unwanted bumps or irritation. Smoothness has never felt this good! 😍🌈

But wait, there's more! Here at Wicked Fox, we're all about celebrating love in all its beautiful forms. That's why our products are sex-positive and LGBTQ+ friendly, because everyone deserves to feel fabulous and empowered in their own skin. We believe in inclusivity, baby! 🌈🌈

So go ahead, darlin', give your booty the pampering it deserves with Booty Aftershave. Say goodbye to post-shave blues and hello to a booty that's ready for some serious action! Let us help you unleash your confidence and embrace the smoothness like a boss. You deserve it, babe! 💪💖 #WickedFox #BootyAftershave #SmoothOperator 

4 oz

Light Lavender & Blue Flax Seed. Similar, but more subtle than many other aftershaves or shave gels.

Distilled Water
Lavender Hydrosol
Cucumber Fruit Extract
Organic Coconut Water
Blue Flax Extract
Gelmaker EMU
Organic African Shea Butter
Sodium Gluconate 
Provitamin B5
Phenoxyethanol (Green Tea Extract) 

Simply apply after shaving your cheeks. Safe to use on your most sensitive areas. Just a little bit is all you need. Discontinue use if allergic.

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godo shit

use with other things

I use it with a scrub and booty mask. I've noticed some good results

love it - use it everyday

I like it. Use it every time I shave

Brett B.
cool shit


got it

got it fast tx

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