Cupcake Beard Oil

Cupcake Beard Oil

Sweet cupcake fragrance with nourishing oils. 🧁🧔
Argan Oil Powered To Support Fuller Beard Growth 💪
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 Wicked Fox is thrilled to present our Cupcake Beard Oil specially crafted with love in Portland for all our queer bros out there - trans, gay, bi, we adore you all! 🏳️‍🌈💕

This isn't just your everyday beard oil. Oh no, darling! This is a game-changer! 💃🎉 Made with Organic Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, & Vitamin E oil, it's the perfect potion to nourish your facial hair and prevent those pesky ingrown hairs. 👨‍🦰👌💫

But wait, there's more! Our Cupcake Beard Oil doesn't just make your beard feel like a fluffy cloud, it smells like one too! 🧁🍦 Imagine the sweet scent of a vanilla cupcake wafting from your beard - simply irresistible for kissing! 😘💋

And let's not forget about our mustached and scruffy brothers! 🧔💖 This oil works wonders on any type of facial hair, helping it grow thicker and fuller while leaving it softer than a kitten's fur! 🐱💕

If you're not using a beard oil, darling, you are seriously missing out on life! 🎈🌟 So why not give our Cupcake Beard Oil a go? It's a must-have for any dude who wants to keep their beard game strong and smelling divine! 🧔💪🍰

Remember, beards aren't just about looking good, they're about feeling good too! And with Wicked Fox, you're not just a customer, you're family! 💞🌈

So come on, join the Wicked Fox family and let's make the world a more fabulous place, one beard at a time! 🦊💖🌍

1 oz


Argan Oil
Jojoba Oil
Coconut Oil
Sunflower Seed Oil
Vitamin E Oil
Cupcake Oil Blend  

Use daily or as needed on your beard. Massage a couple of drops into your beard and the skin. Discontinue use if allergic. Do not ingest.  

Customer Reviews

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Mateo E.
Perfectly Cupcake-Flavored Oil

Ok Wicked Fox, we get it. You're fast. Can you slow down so the rest of the world can catch up?

Moisturize with Cupcake Beard Oil

I didn't even know it was possible to ship skincare this fast, but Wicked Fox proved me wrong! I'm officially amazed.

Fernando Y.
Cupcake Oil for a Great Beard

Damn, Wicked Fox! You shipped my skincare order so fast I didn't even have time to contemplate the meaning of life before it arrived!

Ulises N.
Yummy Cupcake Beard Oil

I couldn't find a beard oil I liked until I tried Cupcake Beard Oil. It's all organic and smells amazing.

Quinton J.
Cupcake-Inspired Beard Moisturizer

I was hesitant to try Cupcake Beard Oil because of the sweet scent, but now I can't live without it. It's so nourishing for my facial hair!

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