Giving Back to Our Community

At Wicked Fox, we want you to feel, look, taste, & smell your absolute best. And being our absolute best means giving back to our queer community. We are so proud to support the LGBTQ community in our home city of Portland and beyond. This is a dream to own a business and being able to give back is an important part of LGBTQ culture.

How do we give back to the LGBTQ community? We do this in two ways. The first is we work to hire queer individuals as often as we can for services and projects we need. This includes identifying queer owned small businesses that provide products such as coffee for our Butt Scrub, organic beeswax, or other organic oils. When we can we want to purchase local and from small businesses.

The second way is we give back 10% of profits to a growing scholarship fund that benefits our next generation of queer & trans leaders. Charitable giving for us is a year-round initiative that doesn't just happen during Pride Month. 

Our initial goal is to endow this scholarship fund so youth can benefit for years down the road. Scholarships for LGBTQ youth do exist, but because of the limited slots there are only so many to go around. We hope that by contributing to a growing fund that this will provide more opportunities for LGBTQ youth. 

We are committing 10% of your purchase towards this growing scholarship effort. 10% of your next Butt Scrub, Sweet Hole, or Booty Mask is going back to helping our community.

You might ask - how much of your donation is spent on administrative costs? The answer is none. We do not plan on hiring employees to manage a program or rent high-cost office space to fulfill this mission of supporting that next generation. That 10% of your purchase will go directly to ensure LGBTQ youth have resources for books, equipment, tuition, or other expenses relevant to their education. 

When are applications open? How does someone apply? We are going to have all those details soon as we want this to be a sustainable program that helps individuals for forever. Check back often for information, purchase that Bestselling Better Booty Bundle to help support, and join our email list to keep up to date on all the happenings here at Wicked Fox.

Stay Foxy!

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