Kyiv is the New Berlin

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Over the past few years, you can often hear the phrase that Kyiv is the new Berlin. We have some proof for it.

Every years in Kyiv the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community comes together for a monthlong celebration of love, diversity, acceptance and unashamed self-pride. Although Kyiv is not on the list of top gay-friendly tourist destinations, and there are many times fewer such places here than in Tel Aviv, Berlin or Amsterdam, they still exist. If we do not take into account gay clubs, with which everything is already obvious, we can single out several establishments in which both tasty and “free” equally.

Must See Places

ONE LOVE espresso bar - the best coffee shops in Kyiv, stylish Instagram places or places with excellent views of the city. From the ONE LOVE espresso bar you can admire the Church of St. Nicholas, and from the windows of ONE LOVE coffee - on the roofs of the central streets.

PR Bar - - wherever you want to continue the evening, from here it is easy to get to Podil, and to the center, and even to Trukhanov Island.

Khvilovy is a small island of freedom with a lot of funny stories, new acquaintances, delicious cocktails, Ukrainian craft beer and cider and unexpected music. This is our house, which we really want to introduce you to.

The city has a modest gay scene that’s developing fairly fast. According to most accounts, you can freely express your sexual identity without fear of homophobia and can attend gay-friendly places in gay Kiev. We do, however, recommend that visitors refrain from public displays of affection for safety reasons, since same-sex kissing and holding hands in public places are not yet common in this new old city.

Gay clubs

Lift is has two rooms, each spinning different music, usually EDM or pop. Lift has three bars, so getting a cocktail is quick and easy. For those who are more adventurous, there’s a small dark room for guys to explore and play. Drag shows and karaoke nights happen here regularly on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and it’s a great place to socialize with strangers or friends.

Versace is a small underground club with a homely atmosphere and a hot show. Works every day. On Thursday you can visit karaoke.

If you want to feel the elegant atmosphere and meet hot guys, you have to visit the portum. There are two halls and dark room, a travesty show, DJs, and electronic music.  You will feel like star of the evening.

Special attention should be paid to the techno scene: festivals, queer raves and other events .

Veselka  -The first party was held in 2018. Since then, it has been considered one of the main musical events among people with an open worldview. "Here there is freedom of expression and no prejudice," notes international publication The Calvert Journal in its special report on the Kiev event. For three years, VESELKA has managed to scale from a small night party into a festival format event with a daytime program and a dozen and a half artists in the lineup.

The organizers of VESELKA also have a special position regarding the choice of location: the previous event was held at the Kiev River Station, and this time it will be held in an open air format for the first time. You can experience life fully only when you’re completely free. That’s why the main ethos of VESELKA is freedom in all its expressions. You can dance, take your clothes off, stare — do whatever you desire, as long as you’re respectful of other people.

The club on Kirillovskaya st. 41, is a new place that cannot avoid comparisons with Berghain. There are reasons for this - a relaxed atmosphere, complete freedom, a dark room, a ban on filming and hard music. No advertising, official comments, flirting with the media, a laconic landing site that launched only after a series of events and on the eve of the opening of the main space .

Other Must Check Out Spots

Besides the city’s clubs, there are other ways to experience gay Kiev. Blindage Sauna is the premier gay sauna in Kiev. It includes modern facilities like a Finnish sauna, steam bath, infrared sauna, lounge area, bar and massage services. This sauna also has a cruising zone for guys to mingle. Blindage is open from Thursday through Sunday and usually packs a good crowd during the weekend.

 Dovbychka is the nude beach of gay Kiev. It’s usually busy on weekends during the summer months. The beach has a beautiful view of the bridge, monastery and monument of Mother the Motherland on the other bank of the river.

In conclusion, we can say that Kyiv is still developing, but every year tolerance for LGBT people is growing.

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  • Daniel

    Sending my love to Ukraine. So sorry about everything happening there. I wish i could help!

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