7 Unwritten Rules of Hooking Up

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We've all done it. The casual hookup. The one nightstand. A typical weeknight for some. Yes, not everyone engages in hooking up regularly, but it is a part of queer culture. We as a community have developed technology before the straights ever did.

It is important to remind yourself of these unwritten rules when it comes to hooking up. We've either been there or know someone there who hooked up with a random & has broken these rules. Don't forget before your next hook up to be ready to Fuck Like a Pornstar. 

Probably Will Be Ghosted

Ghosting is the grim reality of dating in the modern era. It is awful and can take time to get over it. Look remember a couple important things - you're hooking up. Maybe the other person found someone else. Maybe they went back to their boyfriend. Maybe they just want to have sex with as many people as possible. Don't take it personally even though it feels very personal. If you're feeling down a great thing to do is upgrade your routine. Pick yourself up and try some high quality Face Care products. 

They Probably Don't Love You

I'm sorry but a random hook up probably not a love match. Yes, I have heard the stories of that is how some couples have met. Chances are - if that does work out for you, go play the lotto. Research shows the odds of finding love are 1 in 562.

Great Sex Does Not Make a Soul Mate

They pounded you into oblivion.  You are still catching your breath. Maybe you're snuggled up with him head on chest. Sadly, still probably not a soul mate. I sound like a total wet blanket here but reality is  - great sex does not equal a soul mate. Don't turn into a clinger level 50 just because he hit all the right spots.  Play is cool if you want more! Don't forget the Cupcake Sweet Hole to be flavored up for his tongue. 

Get Tested

Maybe this sounds obvious but get tested. For your safety and for your partner(s). If you test regularly because you're on PrEP, it still doesn't hurt to test if you've had a little binge session. You can find testing locations here or call your doctor to schedule a visit. Don't be afraid of testing regularly!

Your Friends Are Still There For You

Yes, he is the best fuck on the planet. Yes, you just cannot stop riding him with all you got. But don't forget your friends. Your friends are important and people can tell when they're just there when you need them instead of being a good friend. Don't forget the ones you are always there for you!

Once A Cheater Always a Cheater

I know you're going to tell me about this one couple who met when cheating on their partners. But in my experience, once a cheater always a cheater. If your hook up is cheating on his partner, chances are this is not a love match for you long-term. If he is willing to lie to someone he has been with for years, what else is he willing to lie about?

We are sex positive here so remember there is a difference between cheating and an open relationship. If you're looking for a real hot time try our 7 Positions for the Next Hook Up

Safety First

We've all watched the Jeffrey Dahmer series. We've all heard the horror stories of going to hook up with someone who robs you. Be safe. Let your friends know where you are going. If a situation feels off, leave. Your safety is important! 

The Bottom Line

Chances are, that hot hook up is not a love match. Play it cool. Have fun. Be safe. Get tested. Make sure your hole is picture ready to attract that next mate with our Polish Anal Brightener

Stay Foxy! 

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  • Stephen D.

    And don’t be a cheater. No one likes cheaters! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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