Hanky Code 101: What Does Each Color Mean?

Imagine a world where you couldn't find a hook up just 25 feet away. A world where you have a secret code to signal what you are into and if someone else wants the same thing - you got a match! Welcome to the hanky code. Let's go through what it all means and of course some of the color options you may see out there. There are many lists out there and different shades of color so keep in mind this is not exhaustive of everything out there. 

The handkerchief code (AKA the hanky code) is a system of color-coded handkerchief or bandanas for non-verbally communicating one's kinks.  The color of the hanky identified a particular fetish, and the pocket it is worn in signals the role in that kink. Wearing a hanky on the left side of the body means they are a top, while wearing it on the right side of the body means they are a bottom.  

For example, a dark blue hanky indicates an interest in anal sex, and wearing it in the left pocket tells the world you're the top. The code was used more often before the invention of apps - but we can still see its use today in colored harnesses, jockstraps, speedos, toys, and other clothing. 

Black - S&M
Dark Blue - Anal Sex
Light Blue - Oral Sex
Brown - Scat
Green - Hustler/Prostitution
Grey - Bondage
Orange - Anything Goes
Purple - Piercing
Red - Fisting
Yellow - Watersports 
Cream - Cum 
White - Handjob
White w/ Multiple Colors - Orgy
Houndstooth - Biter/Bite Me
Coral - Shrimping (Toe Sucking)
Beige - Rimjob
Gold - Two Looking For One or One Looking for Two
Dark Pink - Tit Torture
Puce - Bruises 

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line is do whatever you want as long as you're with consenting adults. Have fun. Enjoy each other. Don't forget to keep your booty perfect for your new night out with hankies. 


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