7 Ways To Get Over Being Ghosted

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Oh no. He didn't text back. Or call. Or DM. It's been a few days...now a week...and nothing? Maybe he's just busy. Maybe his family needed him. Chances are - you got ghosted. 

Yes, ghosting is one of the most frustrating things that can happen. It is fairly common, with one study estimating that up to 23% of people have been ghosted with that number rising. What did you do wrong? It makes those questions crawl into your head and leave you desperate for a solution. Instead of waiting by your phone - here are 7 easy things you can do to get over being ghosted. 


One way that works for a lot of people is just simply finding someone better. Fire up the apps, head down to the bar, or say hello to that cutie at the coffee shop. You can and will do better than someone who ghosts.

Ghosting Get Over It Wicked Fox Fox Den Blog Butt Scrub Gay Skin Care LGBTQ Pride PortlandSHOW HIM WHAT HE'S MISSING

Wanna know a secret? He's probably looking at his phone right now and not texting you. But guess what, you can post a thirst trap that'll pop up on his feed. Show him what he's missing and if he suddenly comes crawling back - ghost him. You might find someone better in your DMs. There are tons of ways to glow up and show off. 


Honestly when you sit there and scroll back to him - it can rehash those bad thoughts or feelings. Or it can get rather unhealthy if you're staring at your phone and suddenly he is with someone else. Best thing to do - delete him. Even better? Block or ban so you can't stalk him at all. It can hurt and it's important to process that but it's perfectly healthy to just move on digitally.

And yes, we have done this before and within a couple hours the guy was trying to DM all upset he got deleted. Still not worth your time to deal with his drama after ghosting. 


SELF-CARE IS THE BEST CAREWicked Fox Fox Den Ghosting How To Get Over It LGBTQ PDX GayPDX QueerPDX Butt Scrub Skincare

It is time to "treat yo-self." Go shopping. Head over and get some great Body Care products. Do something that you want to do - get a new tattoo, head to the gym, go to a yoga class, or visit the beach. Treat yourself and take care of yourself. You're beautiful and deserve better than ghosting.


Sitting at home alone for days on end because you're hurt is not healthy. Go out and see your friends. Go see the family for the weekend. You need social interaction and frankly post-COVID world we know we need that for our mental health.  Get out there and see old friends or make new friends. Maybe you'll meet someone new & get to go on brand new first date


You know what - now is the time to take that trip you've always wanted.  You don't need him and traveling alone is just as fun if not more fun. You can set the schedule and do whatever you want without trying to appease someone else. There are lots of options to hang out solo or with friends. Get out there and see the world!


This is one that you can do beyond just finding another hot guy to ride. Go on a binge (safely of course and be smart!). How many loads can you take in a single day? There's a story of a guy who did 92 loads in 48 hours. Can you beat that? Make sure you've upgraded your app profiles to get those taps & swipes. Binging can be fun and help you get over the guy who ghosted. At any case you'll be distracted by all the dicks needing attention. Find lots of products including Sweet Holes or for aftercare Tender Hole if you're looking for hook ups. 


Do whatever makes you feel good. At the end of the day, it hurts and it's important to process that. But also, this is for the best. The guy ghosted YOU and you're wonderful so find someone better. Enjoy life. Don't spend hours of your day by the phone. Head outside - if it's gorgeous out go to the beach & find that beach hottie. Or head over to the local bar and say hello to a stranger - meet someone better! 

Stay Foxy! 

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  • Wren

    Ghosting is seriously the stupidest thing anyone can do. Grow a fucking set of balls and frankly tell someone you dont like them. Don’t ghost. It is really painful and awful.

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