Acne? We got you.

Do you still get that break out of zits? Acne happens and it can happen to anyone even as you get older. For some of us it happens a lot and others just a few times a year. The impact acne can have on your face, body, and yes booty can last a lifetime due to scarring. That's right - popping a big zit can damage your skin and leave you with a life long blemish. 

You need a skincare routine that not only moisturizes but also exfoliants away the dead skin and oils. You need to make skincare part of your daily routine when you get ready in the morning, mid-day, and before bed. Here's how you do it:

Wake up. Do whatever you need to do after waking up - and jump in that beautiful shower of yours. Use a facial cleanser every single day in the shower. Use our Butt Scrub every single day on those cheeks of yours. And use our Charcoal Body Wash every day to soak up those oils on your body. 

After showering, you need to use our Facial Moisturizer. Your skin starts to dry out after using our or any products in the shower. The water evaporates or you dry yourself off with a towel leaving your skin parched. This can cause acne and blackheads to form because your skin is over-producing additional oils to respond to this. Moisturize and use our Facial Tonic every morning. This will give your skin healthy vitamins and minerals it needs. You don't need a lot to make your face glow. 

Don't forget to use our Pacific Body Balm on those other sets of cheeks to ensure your booty and body has the moisture it needs. 

Around mid-day, especially if you have a long day at work full of meetings or sweating a bit - spritz on some more Facial Tonic. It'll refresh your facial skin. 

Before bed, add a little more Facial Moisturizer and Facial Tonic spritz. This can be helpful if you work out during the day and take a quick shower to freshen up. You do not want to leave your skin dry. 

The key to potentially reducing your break outs - get in a regular skincare routine. After a couple weeks, you will notice a massive difference in how smooth your skin will appear and how much you glow. 

The Bottom Line

Use what works for you. Everyone has a different body chemistry. Some of us have oilier skin and others it is a desert. Once you have a routine that works best for you, remember to use quality based products with botanicals and vitamins that your skin needs. Many products will simply leave your skin dry which will cause you to break out because your body is overproducing oils. In the morning after showering is a great time to add some product and before bed. Those are key moments in your quest to eliminate acne. 


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