Turn Ons Once You Reach A Certain Age

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Can Get Around

There is nothing less sexy than someone who does not know how to get around. We're not even talking about having their own vehicle either. We get it, that is not something everyone wants or can afford. We are talking about those who don't even know how to get on a bus or order a rideshare. Someone who does not have to be picked up all the time and can get around on their own; that is delicious.

Zero Roomies - Pets Okay

At a certain age, roommates are just not cute. A grown person does not want to walk into a frat house environment that is the home to people in their late 30's. Plus, when someone is able to live alone it shows they not only have their head on straight enough to be able to afford it, but that they are also ready for a relationship that could very well blossom into your ass eventually moving in, or you two moving in together since they will not be tied to a lease with another person.

Knows Where His Money Comes From

It does not matter what the job is, just have one because having absolutely no income ain't it. It does not matter if they work retail or are the CEO, as long as they are responsible enough to maintain a check - that’s hot.

Conversation Skills

This. This all day. We are talking about face-to-face and via text. No one wants to fuck with someone that legit only gives one or two-word responses all the damn time. We are here to communicate like adults, honey.

Little To No Drama? Count Me In! 

Have you ever dated someone when you were younger than could have won an Oscar for their dramatic performances? Yeah, that is not something anyone wants in their life once they celebrate a particular birthday. No one wants to date the person who is still involved in little high school drama fights with their friends and whatnot.

Healthy Life - Don't Need To Be Out Until 3AM On A Tuesday

We all love a good party and having insane amounts of fun, but once you reach a certain point in your life - hangovers and fast food at 2am just are not cute anymore. Instead, someone who knows their limits and can cook a hearty meal at home is IT.

Clean Home

Speaking of home, there is nothing hotter than walking into someone's place and it being clean. That shows they care about themselves and their space. The days of being okay fucking in what appears to be a dorm with one wonky movie poster on the wall and a mattress on the floor are straight over. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Wardrobe By An Adult

We love a casual look, but there is something absolutely fierce about someone who dresses in a way that celebrates their age. This does not mean they are rocking a suit and tie 24/7, but it does mean that they have clothes that are clean, not wrinkled, and not from the 2-for-1 t-shirt sale bin.


Nothing kills a boner more when you are older than someone not knowing what they want out of life. People with goals? They get fucked more, and that’s just a fact.

The Bottom Line

So ditch the deadbeats and the drama queens, fellas. Look for a guy who's got his life together and isn't afraid to show it. Because let's face it, a mature man who can hold a conversation, keeps a tidy place, and throws down in the kitchen is way hotter than a flaky dude who needs his mom to iron his shirts. Sound familiar? Now get out there and find yourself a catch – one who appreciates a good vintage like yourself.



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