11 Slutty Gay Halloween Costume Ideas


Ahhh Gay Halloween. The best time of year. Pumpkin spice everything. Parties. Drag performers doing spooky numbers. New Dragula. And best of all - dressing your absolute sluttiest 

Don't forget to try your hand at Gay Pumpkin Carving before the big night. 

You don't have to be absolutely naked to enjoy Gay Halloween. Check out these options we found for you! 

11. Slutty Bunny

This costume idea from Differio gives you a cute outfit that covers you up in case it's cold outside, plus an easy access backdoor.  









10. Slutty Angel

This is an overdone but classic Gay Halloween idea. Show off the body, Black wings. This costume comes from Dirty Secret











9. Slutty Lion

Stop your lion - you would love to be the King of the Jungle to satisfy all out there. You can slut this costume from Yandy up in many ways. Maybe wear a cute jockstrap under the tights? Or no tights at all. 










8. Slutty Firefighter

Can ride my pole any day. Hose me down! Quench my fire. Okay - I'm not great with pick up lines but this Slutty Firefighter will be there to help anyone out. Find this costume at AliExpress. 






7. Slutty Butler

Are you a Chippendale's Dancer? A butler? The only thing we do know is you're a slut and it's Halloween. Find this number at Ravefix












6. Slutty Devil

Be the naughtiest one of all with this Slutty Devil costume from Differio











5. Slutty Ringmaster

This idea has what you need - booty shorts, a whip, and a hat. Add some glitter to make it even more of a showstopper. Find this one on Amazon










4. Slutty Tight End

Okay - you can use your creativity and make this costume even sluttier. Don't forget the jockstrap. Find this on at Halloweencostumes











3. Slutty Harley Quinn

Who hasn't imagined dressing up as the infamous Harley Quinn? With her hit show, blockbuster movies, and groundbreaking comic stories she is one that everyone should dress up as. Check out this costume from Halloweencostumes








2. Slutty Weed Doctor

As pot becomes legal across the United States, you can be everyone's friend at Gay Halloween as the Slutty Weed Doctor. Check out this costume from Halloweencostumes.









1. Slutty Adam & Steve

This is a great couples costume. Wear a thong with a little leaf in the front. That's all you need. Check this one out from 3wishes


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