Our Top 5 Drag Podcasts

Okay if you're like us - you love a great podcast. There are literally thousands of them you can listen to on the most obscure topics. However, as a fellow queer - I find myself wanting something that is relevant to my community, culture, or interests. I don't want to hear about straight dating or frankly the news can be quite morbid these days. I want things in my life that are Sexy Fun
We've compiled our 5 favorite Drag Podcasts. Great options if you are looking for something to talk about on your next first date. Sound off in the comments below your favorite podcasts and let's spread the word on incredible performers who work their hip pads off. 

1. Race Chaser with Willam & Alaska

Race Chaser is hilarious, informative, sweet, sassy, ridiculous, & stupid all at the same time. This hits our top spot because you can listen to two new episodes each week, plus they offer incredible bonus content on their MOM Plus platform. You can check out the details here. Past episodes are still relevant as they cover every single episode of RuPaul's Drag Race (starting from the very beginning). Willam & Alaska cover a range of cultural topics so take a listen. While you're listening you can check out our list of Gay Horror Movies

A. Sibling Rivalry with Bob the Drag Queen & Monet X Change

Honestly, I hate numbered lists because all these podcasts are incredible. We counted this one as our number A. This podcast has a few things we love - deep social justice conversations, hilarity, shadiness, and getting to know Bob & Monet off the Drag Race franchise. These two performers are absolute stars. You'll be addicted after your first episode. Plus, there are bonus videos, Tiktoks, and other content available. Check our Sibling Rivalry wherever you listen to podcasts. 

3. Hi Jinkx!  with Jinkx Monsoon

Gotta give a spot to our Portland Queen, the Queen of all Queens, and one of the sweetest human beings on the planet - Jinkx Monsoon. Check out Jinkx's podcast here or wherever you listen to podcasts. 
Each week, Jinkx interviews whoever the hell she wants. And the conversations are just delicious. You learn about relevant issues, tidbits from Drag Race, and get to know the people Jinkx interviews in a really meaningful way. Subscribe today!! If you're a straight reading this, check out our tips if you're straight and heading to a gay bar. 

4. Sloppy Seconds with Big Dipper & Meatball

This is yet another one from Forever Dog & Moguls of Media. Sloppy Seconds is hosted by the incredibly hilarious Meatball & the producer from that Race Chaser podcast and wonderful human himself - Big Dipper. The two talk about everything, and I mean everything. What I love most about this podcast is that is isn't just another Drag Race (nothing wrong with them, just we got a lot) podcast. This podcast has a charming way of talking about sex, hot topics, and giving us a great depth of these two hosts. List to Sloppy Seconds wherever you listen to podcasts or check them out here. Check out our range of Beard Care Products while taking a listen. 

5. The Chop with Latrice Royale & Manilla Luzon

Have you watched any of the international Drag Race seasons? Do you need someone to help break it all down for you? Do you need that friend to gag with you at how incredible international Drag Race is? Look no further because The Chop has got you! The Chop is hosted by Drag Race alum Latrice & Manilla. These two superstars will fill you to the brim with gossip, drama, gaggery, goopery, and laughs. I know there's a billion seasons of Drag Race now, but what this podcast gives you is a timeless opportunity to jump into any international season and see what our gal pals Latrice & Manilla think. Check them out anywhere you listen to podcasts or here

The Bottom Line

There's so many opportunities to support incredible performers. Go see their shows. Tip them. Buy their merchandise. Watch them on TV. Cheer for them on social media. And listen to their podcasts. Podcasts are great to listen to while shopping for your favorite Booty Products.
Didn't see your favorite podcast on the list? Tell us in the comments! 

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