7 Must Try Positions for Your Next Hook Up

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Guys, are you bored in bed with your friend yet? Maybe you followed our tips on getting swiped right and want to show off? Need some ideas on how to spice up sexual positions? I propose to recall the classic gay sex positions, as well as look for new positions, because diversity in gay sex is the main factor for good relationships! Introducing the top 7 gay sex positions. You won't need the Kama Sutra to try these positions. Don't forget to try some booty care and be ready for your next hook up. 

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The missionary position is also quite common for gay men. In this position, the bottom is on their back with his legs spread in the air while the active partner is on top so that the couple is face to face. Penetration at this angle allows for intimate eye contact and kissing, and the bottom can wrap around his legs around the top to cement the thrusts. While not necessarily the kinkiest, the missionary position is great for more inexperienced or vanilla couples. This is also a great position for hitting the prostate exactly the way it was meant to be hit. If you place a pillow under your bottom back for extra support, they will be able to lie comfortably without straining to keep their legs in the air.

Doggy Style

Another classic gay position is doggy style. Potentially less intimate than missionary, doggy style allows you and your partner to explore each other in new ways. The doggy style allows you to control the top, so this is the perfect position for dominant tops and submissive bottoms. Dog-style, the bottom gets on all fours, and the top kneels behind him. Holding onto the hips of the bottom for support, the top enters from below from behind. Penetration at this angle may feel harder and deeper for the buttocks, and for some men, the doggy style may be better for prostate stimulation. The doggy style suits couples of all experience levels, but the tops may require extra stamina. As the song goes, you can both watch X-Files doing it this way. 


For ass-and-top dominated couples who love to relax, cowboy is the perfect gay position. In the cowboy pose, the top sits or lies back, while the bottom presses it against the pelvis, facing forward, while kneeling or squatting. The cowboy position gives bottom control over penetration, which can help achieve prostate stimulation. The top can also push from below from this position, shifting the dynamics between the dominant and submissive partner. Cowboy is a good position for couples of any skill level, but you should be prepared for training. This is also a fun one if you got a bubble butt and want to try Reverse Cowboy.

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If traditional horizontal positions have lost their appeal, try the standing position. The standing position allows both partners to expand their range of motion compared to horizontal positions - you can move together, or one can remain still while the other establishes and changes rhythm. The most classic standing pose, sometimes known as the bodyguard, is when the bottom looks from the top and the top enters from behind. To mount, the bottom must hold onto a nearby wall, table, or other surface. Because the bodyguard position is more comfortable in smaller spaces or outdoors, it's great for more adventurous couples who want to have sex outside the bedroom. I've tried this one and for some reason I end up a bit sore so don't forget the Tender Hole. 


While not necessarily the ideal position for the less experienced buttocks, it's great for same-sex couples who want to explore sex from a new perspective. To assume the arch position, the buttocks lie face up and lift the hips up, while the feet and neck remain on the floor. The top kneels facing the bottom, entering him, placing his pelvis under the raised hips of the bottom. This position requires some serious back flexibility in terms of the role of the bottom, so it is not recommended for the inexperienced, but this angle of penetration can be intensely stimulating and enjoyable for both the top and bottom.

The Spoon

The spoon is one of the most intimate positions for gay men. Both partners lay on their sides, the top lay outside like a large spoon. The top enters the bottom at the back, with the top leg of the bottom raised to provide access. For deeper penetration, the top one can hook the elbow under the bottom's raised knee for easier access. This position involves frequent close skin-to-skin contact, making it a great option for couples looking for an intimate and sensual sexual encounter.

Car bumper

Another more advanced position, bumper cars, are recommended for active and agile couples because some coordination is required to pull off smoothly. In this position, both partners are on all fours, facing away from each other, up at the top and down at the bottom. Think of it like a reverse pawl style: the position of the bottom is the same, but the top penetrates from the other side. The difficulty with this position is that the top may not necessarily see or control his thrusts as clearly as in a traditional canine style, so more skillful coordination may be required. However, as they say, the greater the risk, the greater the reward: this position can be a really exciting and erotic way for both partners to spice up your sexual routine.

The Bottom Line

Try something new. Try what feels good. Don't forget those Unwritten Rules of Hooking Up. Maybe you watch that porn & you want to do what they do. Just remember if you go for something more adventurous - stretch, plan it out, & talk about it with your partner. Porn stars know what they are doing & rehearse before filming so keep that in mind if you go for something more saucy. Try our range of Sexy Fun Products if you are looking to add more spice. Stay Foxy! 

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