7 Tips To Have Better Sex In 2023

1. Exercise Those Buns!

If you don't have a current gym routine or if you go every single day - the start of the New Year is a great opportunity to switch up your diet & exercise. If you currently don't go, remember this - yes it is insanely difficult but it gets easier every day but the hardest part is going every day. 

Think about what you want to build upon with your body. Need to get bigger biceps? Maybe you're on that quest to get that 6-pack abs. Or bigger buns. What can help with your sex life and make sex better is exercise

You don't need to be a muscular Adonis to have great sex. But exercise is shown to make you last longer in the bedroom, feel more confident, & that confidence boost makes you more attractive for that hottie across the bar. Even just doing something for 30 minutes a day can be a huge boost. If you're still worried about lasting longer try some of these tips we made just for you! 

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2. Eat Plenty Of Fruits, Veggies, & Lean Protein

DIET! Okay this isn't about some wacky crash diet for the New Year. This is about the basics here - adding fruits, veggies, & lean protein to your daily diet. I'm a big fan of a greasy cheeseburger and could eat one every single day of my life. BUT what science shows is that a healthy diet can improve your sex drive, make you last longer, taste better, and feel more confident. 

A healthy diet can also help with douching & feeling clean if you're bottoming. That greasy cheeseburger can be well nasty in the end. Fruits & veggies can increase your fiber intake which will help keep you regular & ready at all times. 

3. Boost Your Confidence

You're gorgeous. You really are. Write that down, look at it every time you feel a bit down. Do whatever you need to do to boost your confidence in the marvelous you. Confidence means you'll feel sexier, you'll be more into being dominant, submissive, or whatever you want to try in 2023. 

In a threeway who gets the most attention? The confident one. Confidence is sexy so boost it however you need to do it. 

I'm working on my confidence by going back to school to learn a new language. I know that's so boring & make fun of me all you want about why on earth would I do that. But this is me accomplishing a goal I've always wanted and I've decided to take that plunge finally. Accomplishing goals boosts your confidence and after I learn a new tongue I'm going to try it out on a new boyfriend. 

Another way I boost my confidence is through quality Face Care Products. Seriously if you got a big zit it can feel gross and not sexy at all. If you're new to Face Care Products, check out our tips on setting up a skin care routine

4. Pay Attention To Your Partner(s)!Wicked Fox Skincare Skin care Gay Better Sex Lifestyle

Okay you are dieting, exercising, & being your confident self. Sex requires at least one other person so this is important to pay attention to your lover. If they are just a friend with benefits, don't ghost them. If you're in a long-term relationship, make him feel special. I know these are basic relationship elements, but if he isn't feeling confident or sexy - the sex will be a chore. Figure out what his needs are & go for it. 

Make sure your Booty is ready with our Tips for getting your ass ate. 

5. Try Something New

2023 should be the year of trying something new. Try something you've never thought you'd be into. If you're a top, give bottoming a go. If you've never even thought of it, have someone tie you up & totally dominate you. Ever play with toys? Roleplay? Fantasies? Groups? This is your year to get weird, fun, & try those things you never thought of. If you try something & hate it, don't do it again. Just like with music, listen to a new song every day - you'll hear a lot you don't like but find things you do. 

6. Sex Up Yourself

Maybe you have your typical uniform you wear every day and that same routine. CHANGE IT UP! Get some new cute undies,  a sexy new outfit, & try out some skin care to glow up your routine. You need to sex up yourself. It's like putting on armor for battle. Maybe your armor is just a jockstrap, but having the elements that sex up yourself will make you feel amazing. Try our line of Booty Care Products to give yourself that confidence boost. And if you're sexed up who can resist giving you a one-way ticket to Poundtown. 

7. 2023: The Year Of Group Sex

We're just going to call it - 2023-some is the year to try group things. I'm not saying go out & find a no loads denied gangbang. But maybe? Try inviting a new friend into the bedroom with your partner. With anything like this, communication is key. Talk through any feelings, stop if need to stop, but see what it feels like to double or triple the fun. 

The Bottom Line

This is your year to be extra freaky. Be your confident amazing self. You got this. If you're on a journey of self-confidence, this can take time but try a bit at it every single day until you get there. Try some of our Sexy Fun Items including Fisting Butter, Gooning Butter, Sweet Holes, & More! Have fun! 

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7 Tips To Have Better Sex In 2023