Like Your Ass Ate? Essential Tips Before His Tongue Enters

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We love a good rimjob. The gentle massage. The excitement of what's more to come. Or even doing a bit of a rimming for your top to keep him satisfied. Maybe even sniffing Poppers while he goes to town on your hole. But when we get into the essentials of rimming - there is a lot of well shit we need to discuss. I know you might say that's gross - but we are talking about putting your tongue in the very hole shit comes out of. If you're one who loves getting eaten out, it is important to keep the landing strip clear of any...debris. No one wants to taste sewage when they chow down. And guess what - you'll get your ass played with more if you follow our essential tips.

Wicked Fox Anal Douching Skincare Butt Scrub Studio Ready Leather Daddy Skinco Queer Portland Gay BarsMR. CLEAN

Keep your ass clean. Wash your hole. I cannot stress this enough. WASH YO' ASS. When you shower, do you spread your cheeks and get in there to clean? Or do you simply hope water magically trickles through your crack and all "debris" is washed away?

WASH YO' ASS. We cannot stop saying that to you. I know there are some who prefer a more "ripe" scent. But when you are getting sexy with a guy the natural odor of him is typically enough for most folks. It's also important to save your underwear from those streak marks.  So wash it. Use a washcloth, get in there, use some body wash, and keep it all nice. Try our Butt Scrub when washing to leave it smoother & smell great. 


Okay this one we need to discuss and yes it does go a bit with the first one. If someone is shoving their tongue into you - it is important there isn't a little hidden treasure for him to taste. That's nasty. You should douche if you are engaging in any type of anal shenanigans. I know bottoms put in a ton of effort. I know it can be a long ordeal. But the person licking probably does not want to taste a Hershey Highway. 

It's also important for not just the tongue, but sometimes fingers are involved. We have all experienced this. You stick a finger in and come up against something hard. That's poo. That's nasty. And can kill the boner. 

If you do decide to douche, make sure to do it safely


Wicked Fox Butt Scrub Portland Gay Scene Skincare Studio Ready Coffee Scrub Hot Guys LGBTQCOMMUNICATION IS KEY

Like with anything - communication is important. Some people do not like eating ass. And it's important you don't push your booty in their face with them having to say no thank you in the middle. That's one way to end a hot first date. It's okay to say what you're into and what you're not into. Communicate your needs and wants. This is important in any situation. Don't be afraid to say no or to say yes.


Now this is just my favorite thing, when I'm munching on a hot ass and he can bounce it a bit during. It shows he is enjoying it, is pretty sexy, and makes things even more fun. This isn't a requirement, just me getting in one of my favorite things and putting it out in the universe. If you're not sure how to twerk, you can find more information


Ass eating is not a he lays on his back and lifts his legs in the air. There are numerous positions you can try to make this more exciting. He can sit on your face or if possible even do the splits on your face. Mmm fant-ass-tic.

You can try him on all fours, bent over your couch, squatting, or so many other options. Use your imagination and spice it up. This can be helpful too in case you get leg cramps with your legs up in the air.


Okay there are numerous options out there including flavored lubes to try if you want to give your booty hole something extra. You can try our Sweet Holes which are formulated like a lip balm, but for those other set of lips of yours. Just apply like you would a lip balm and have more confidence while he goes down on you. We have many flavors including Watermelon, Cupcake, and Cookies & Cream. Our Sweet Holes are made with Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Beeswax, & Grapeseed Oil.  

The Bottom Line

 WASH YO' ASS. And communicate. If you do these two things, you're going to have a much more successful time getting that beautiful hole ate. It's a great way to add length to your bedroom clock as well. Now bend over...I'm hungry! :P

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