What Fetish Is Right For Me?

Fetishes are a great way to have fun and to add a layer of spice.  Everyone has a fetish of some sort, but for most it is the fear of going on the journey of discovery.  You may even notice some guys using certain colors to show off their preferred fetish. 

A sexual or erotic fetish can be defined as extreme sexual fixation on an object or body part. The object of the fixation is called the fetish and the person with the fetish is called a fetishist. Let's dabble a bit into the fetish world & like always - consent is key. 

Pup Play

Pup Play is where one or all individuals involved wear a pup hood. Some may use a butt plug tail and can wage it. Pup play will go as far as someone wants to - so they may bark, whine, whimper, walk on all fours, or eat from a bowl. 

Foot Fetish

This is exactly as it sounds - finding sexual arousal from feet. Individuals into foot play might like a foot job where you put both feet together and they hump the hole that it forms. 

Group Play

This is another one of those where it is in the title of it. Now a group play fetish is more than an one time threeway. This would be a consistent desire for a group of individuals whether to watch you have sex or in order to watch others having sex. If you're trying Group Play with your partner, make sure you've checked out all the rules on having that open relationship. 

Clown Fetish

Yes clown fetishes are real and not just something for a plotline on a Netflix series. Clown fetishists will wear a clown costume and may use clown toys during sex. Some take it to a darker level clown and some are more silly/horny clowns. This all depends on what everyone involved consents for! There is a lot to the world of Clown Fetishes. 

Pregnancy or Breeding Play

While pregnancy play is something predominately in the straight community - this is something some queer men like to think of. This can be "breeding" a  bottom multiple times and talking about the idea of having so much semen in themselves. 

Breath Play

Breath Play can be a little more dangerous than some of these so please be aware of what your partner's limits are. You can control someone's breath with your hands, belt, or other toys. Again, know your limits and use safe words! 

Nylon Fetish

This can be when someone wears nylon leggings. This can be the desire to feel the nylon on you or when their legs are wrapped around you. 


You might think of this as the more "traditional" fetish. Whips, chains, doms, subs - all of that falls into the BDSM category. The BDSM community is one where you will find a ton of information, love, and support. We recommend finding a local BDSM group and connecting for more information in finding the safe & consensual way of handling a BDSM relationship. You can find information from the National Leather Association International or this list of BDSM organizations

Golden Showers

This is also known as Piss Play. Someone may enjoy peeing on or being peed on. This usually happens in the shower to avoid a mess but can be done really anywhere. We highly recommend focusing on your diet (don't drink a gallon of coffee with asparagus before doing this). 

While in the shower, don't forget the Charcoal Body Wash after to clean up! 

Edge Play

Edge Play is when a partner is typically tied up or restrained and edged closer and closer to orgasm. This edging can last hours and when the individual can finally release it is an incredible feeling and many claim to be some of the best orgasms of their life. The person doing the edging needs to know what they are doing so again - finding a local BDSM community can help in making that connection. 


Cuckholding happens when one partner has sex in front of the other while demeaning the partner who isn't having any sex. Cuckholds may participate but usually enjoy just watching and the humiliation of it all. Someone with a much larger penis or more muscular doing what you couldn't. 

Some Cuckholds will rim the top while their partner is being fucked. You need to keep this dom happy. If you're topping & like to get rimmed during sex, don't forget the Cookies & Cream Sweet Hole to not have to worry about smell or flavor back there. 


Cock & Balls Torture. Yes - some guys love getting their balls stepped on. We highly recommend only doing this with someone who is knowledgeable to avoid any damage. Consent is key. Know your limits. 

Age Play

Age play is one that can take a variety of forms. For some it might be roleplaying a younger role - coach/wrestler. Or it can be someone who wears diapers and plays a baby. Age play is between two consenting adults. 

If you're the Daddy or happen to love the smell of Daddy, try our Daddy Body Balm. Infused with leather to make you smell sexy af. 

The Bottom Line

Explore! It's okay to try something and realize it isn't for you. Like with trying a new food or listening to a new song - it isn't for everyone but you never know - might find your new favorite thing! Don't violate any of the Unwritten Rules for Hooking Up while you're having fun. As with anything else - consent is sexy! 



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