About Us

Our Mission
Our mission at Wicked Fox is to make you look, feel, taste, and smell like the sexy beast you are. We view skincare as the armor you put on before tackling the world, a hot date, the long day at work, or just sowing your oats at home. 

Our Process
Wicked Fox was founded in 2020 to make you feel, look, taste, and smell amazing. Our initial product, Butt Scrub, became a hit with friends of our founder. After a lot of encouragement, he went to his kitchen and started brewing formulas and batches of additional items for folks to try out.

Our products are made in small batches by hand. We like to tell folks to imagine a bakery with whirring mixers and incredible smells coming out of it. That's what our production space is like every single day making sure you have the best quality products.

Our high quality ingredients are picked based on their ability to enhance your skin. Organic and locally sourced ingredients from the Pacific Northwest are prioritized for all products.

Our Founder/CEO

Darby Allan (he, him, his) is our Founder/CEO. He has spent his entire career managing organizations and a state agency. He was named a 2020 Champion of Pride by The Advocate Magazine and has won numerous other awards for his advocacy for the LGBTQ community. After providing years of public service to LGBTQ causes & fighting for equality - he decided to use those skills to benefit the LGBTQ community in a different way. 

"I had terrible acne as a kid and never knew what to do for my own skin. I have stretch marks from gaining & losing weight. I have scars that I hate. I always struggled to find products that were organic, natural, and had the camp of the queer community. I use everything I make and hope you enjoy it!" 
-Darby Allan