12 Must Try Positions For Your Next Hook Up


Are you looking to spice things up? Well, you've come to the right place. We have the ultimate sex positions list that will take your man-on-man action to a whole other level. Whether you're feeling wild, lazy, or simply in need of some TLC, these positions are sure to please. So grab your partner and get ready for some naughty fun – it's time to explore the hottest gay sex positions around!

  1. Sitting: This classic sex position can get the steamy party started no matter what kind of romantic duo you are. You and your man can sit face-to-face, with your legs wrapped around each other, for some intimate and intense eye contact.

  2. Missionary-Style: For those looking to take things a bit more slowly, this is the way to go. Perfect for cozy nights in! Get comfortable on your backs with pillows propped up behind you, and enjoy some gentle and loving missionary action.
  3. Doggy Style: Go wild and unleash your inner animal with this popular gay favorite that is sure to please. You'll be getting penetration from behind, so get ready for some deep and satisfying pleasure.
  4. Cowgirl/Reverse Cowgirl: Show who's boss (or show who's not!) by playing with roles and power dynamics in these positions. You're in charge in cowgirl, while reverse cowgirl puts your man in the driver's seat – literally!
  5. Spooning: Get close and cuddly with an intimate position that satisfies both partners inside and out! Snuggle up close behind your partner, penetrating them while they stay still – perfect for lazy mornings or post-sex cuddles.
  6. Wheelbarrow: Who said romance has to be slow? This fun and energetic position will keep you both on your toes! Your partner will lift you up by the hips while you use your arms to balance yourself – then just let the good times roll!
  7. 669: Double the pleasure, double the fun with this thrilling oral sex experience that can't be beaten! Get into position with one partner lying down while the other kneels over their head, so you can both enjoy giving and receiving at the same time.
  8. The Birthday Suit: Need we say more? Trash your clothes and let it all hang loose – or tight – as you please! This clothing-optional position is perfect for when you're feeling extra naughty… or when you've just run out of laundry detergent.
  9. Standing Up: Keep things spicy with a standing up sex position – perfect for when restraint is necessary but passion cannot be stopped! Have your partner hold you close as they penetrate you from behind – just make sure not to break any furniture… or bones!
  10. Kneeling Faceoff: Put two faces in the same place and see what kinds of naughty scenarios you can come up with! This oral sex position has one partner kneeling in front of the other, so you can both enjoy some tasty action at the same time.
  11. Reverse Pinwheel: Get into some serious action with a reverse pinwheel that allows both partners to reach higher heights at once! Your partner will lie down on their back while you mount them, then use their feet to push off the ground and spin around – trust us, it's as fun as it sounds!
  12. Shoulder Sitter:Transport yourself straight to Pleasuretown by letting one partner take control while the other relaxes into pure joy! Your partner will carry you on their shoulders while penetrates you from behind – just hold on tight and enjoy the ride!

The Bottom Line

All that's left to do now is find your favorite position and get to work. So take your pick, grab your man and get ready for some steamy action. There are plenty of hot gay sex positions out there – so have fun exploring them all!


  • Gregg

    That was 🔥 hot loved it thank you I’m in the need of a third person he he any takers 😜

  • Gregg

    That was 🔥 hot loved it thank you I’m in the need of a third person he he.😜

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