Why You Should Be Using a Mask on Your Booty

You might be wondering how you can improve your skincare routine. Or you might be struggling with blemishes or discoloration on those buns of yours. You're in luck - masks are a great addition to your weekly skincare regimen. 

A lot of people struggle with skincare issues on their booties. Who hasn't ever looked in the mirror and thought something could be better? You don't need costly surgery to see improvements! Skincare products can help improve your skin and overtime you can see real differences. 

Masks are typically made with kaolin (clay), deionized water, and vitamin oils that cleanse your pores. The masks you are used to are going to be gentle and use only a little exfoliate in their formulas. This is because most masks are made for your face and your facial skin is thinner and more prone to breaking out. A mask for your booty needs to have a little more exfoliate to treat the thicker skin.  

Our Booty Mask is infused with powerful products such as Vitamin E Oil, Kaolin Clay, Shea Butter, pumice stone, and eucalyptus oil. According to a recent study, Vitamin E Oil is one of the superheroes of skincare. 

What masks do is they are applied wet and take between 5-10 minutes to fully dry onto your skin. While you are applying the mask you are exfoliating your pores and opening up your skin. The mask dries and is pulling oils, impurities, and dead skin. After it is done drying and you thoroughly wash it off - you will feel refreshed and your skin may feel new. 

You shouldn't use a mask more then once a week. This is because your skin can dry out and cause you to break out. Breaking out doesn't just happen due to oily skin - it often can happen when someone over exfoliates their skin and causes it to dry out. 

Using a booty mask or a butt mask for the first time can feel a bit uncomfortable. You're used to being able to sit on your buns when relaxing. What you need to do is apply the mask across your buns and even your thighs to give them a freshening up - and after lay down on your stomach while you're letting it dry. This way you won't accidentally sit down or rub it off on any furniture.  

Once you're done letting it dry, take a nice long shower. This is key - thoroughly wash off the entire mask and dry off your skin. Booty Masks or butt masks can have that higher concentration of exfoliant or even activated charcoal which you need to thoroughly remove when you're finished using. 

What we like to follow up our Booty Mask session with is using a body butter like Pacific Body Balm or Daddy Body Balm on our cheeks to rehydrate them and finish the regime. This leaves your buns clean, fresh, and clearer. 

You can also use our Bestselling Better Booty Bundle system. Our coffee based Butt Scrub will exfoliate your skin daily in the shower. You follow it up with a few sprays of our Polish either on your cheeks or hole to help reduce scars, dark spots, and brighten up your most sensitive area.  The Booty Mask will be the cherry on top of your weekly regime. 


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